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School Libraries

School Libraries

Support for school libraries in rural Nepal is crucial for promoting literacy and providing equal educational opportunities in under-served communities. These libraries often lack resources and infrastructure, but by supporting them, we can help ensure that students in rural Nepal have access to the same resources and learning opportunities as their urban counterparts, which can greatly impact their academic success and future prospects.

Libraries are an important resource for schools in rural Nepal, as they provide students with access to a wide range of educational materials and resources that can help them succeed in their studies. In many rural areas, access to such resources is limited, making the presence of a school library all the more vital. Libraries also serve as a hub of learning and community engagement, providing a space for students to gather, collaborate, and access information and support. Overall, libraries play a crucial role in supporting the education and development of students in rural Nepal.


We are committed to support the development of school libraries in rural areas of Nepal. We work in partnership with local communities and NGOs to provide resources such as books, training for librarians, and other materials to improve the quality and accessibility of these libraries. Our efforts are aimed at increasing the education and literacy levels of students in these areas and giving them the tools they need to succeed. By establishing and supporting libraries in rural schools, COYON is able to make a significant impact on the learning opportunities available to students and contribute to the overall development of the communities we serve.

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