Cooperative Youth Organization Nepal (COYON) Benighat Rorang-5, Dhading

Shee Janagaun Basic School

Janagaun, Dhading

27.794722, 84.785024 Since 2006 Janagaun, Dhading

Janagaun is a small, isolated village located on top of a hill in the Dhading District. It can be reached by a three hour walk from the main road, the Prithivi Highway. The village is home to around 150 families who rely on agriculture and livestock breeding as their main sources of income. They sell the products they produce at the local market in Benighat. Despite being a tight-knit community, the village has not seen much change in recent decades due to the limited economic opportunities and a traditional mindset.

In an effort to improve their community, the people of Janagaun made the decision to build the primary school in the area in 1990s. The two-story structure was built however the school was in poor condition and posed a danger to the many children who attended it.

Recognizing the need for a safe and proper educational facility, COYON in association with Hanuman Onlus decided to completely rebuild the school. The new building, called the "Shree Janagaun Primary School," has seven classrooms, toilets, and a water tank. It also has additional resources such as desks, benches, and blackboards.

The new school building was officially inaugurated on October 23, 2006 and was attended by many important members of the community. The new school is seen as a positive step forward for the village, as it will provide a safe and appropriate education for the children, rather than forcing them into child labor at a young age. The community of Janagaun is grateful for the support they received in building this much-needed facility, and they hope that it will serve as a foundation for a brighter future for their children.

The school in Janagaun was damaged in the 2015 earthquake and there are plans to rebuild it with a new, earthquake-resistant structure. The new building will have six classrooms and the work will be funded and carried out by Hanuman Onlus. The rebuilding project is expected to begin soon.

What we did here so far?

Since our envolvement in this school at early 2006,

  • New building with 5 classrooms in 2006.
  • Additional 3 classrooms in 2008.
  • Toilet for student and teacher in 2008
  • Water Tank and compunding in 2009
  • Regular Scholastic materials and support to student till now.
  • As on Jan 2023, New Earthquake resistance is under construction process.

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