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Shee Chandrodaya Secondary School - Bishaltar

Bishaltar, Dhading

27.815325,84.758969 Since 2005 Bishaltar, Dhading

Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School in Benighat and Shree Chandrodaya Higher Secondary School in Bishaltar have the same origin. Both schools were founded in 1958 AD (2013 BS) by local young people who recognized the importance of education in society. The schools were initially primary schools, with no proper buildings and only a small room in a house that could accommodate about 15 to 18 students.

The Nuwakot Department of Education later granted permission to teach basic subjects for a primary school (Nepali, English, and mathematics) and provided a contribution of around 600 Nepalese rupees per year. The local community also contributed to the school. In 1965, the school did not have a permanent location yet. In 1969, the community decided to build one school in Benighat and another in Bishaltar. The school in Benighat also developed and adopted the same name, Shree Chandrodaya, as the founders and supporters of both schools were the same. To distinguish the two schools, the one in Bishaltar was renamed Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School - Bishaltar, while the one in Benighat was called Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School - Benighat.

Since 1969, the Shree Chandrodaya Secondary Secondary School in Bishaltar occupies an area of 60 ropanis (more than 3 hectares) of land and is one of the largest schools in the Dhading district. The neighboring villages of Benighat, Dhusa, and Ghyalchowk of Gorkha contributed to expanding the school, but the structure remained inadequate for the large number of students attending. The community managed to create some makeshift shades to hold classes, but the school always lacked proper infrastructure and classrooms until 2004.

In 2004, COYON in association with Hanuman Onlus, our partnering organization from italy, made a plan to help the school by constructing 12 new classrooms. Later, the school was provided additional supports like toilets, garden, a computer lab with 20 PCs, photocopier and other many scholastic materials.

Since 2004, the school has undergone significant changes with the support it has received by COYON and our partnering organizations. In 2009, we were able to establish Shree Chandrodaya Multiple College within the premises of the school. Although the college now moved to its own building next to the school, the School was the place where it was founded. The college now offers an additional five school years for students who want to earn a Bachelor in Management and Education, which is similar to a short university program in our system.

After the devastating earthquake in April 2015, the school was deemed unsafe due to the damage it sustained. In recent years, we have carried out a complete renovation of the entire school building with the help of Hanuman Onlus and its associated organizations. We also built an additional floor on the school building, an office building for the school staff, expanded and improved the parking and maneuvering area for school buses, and enhanced the sports facilities.

The school was officially inaugurated on May 22, 2022, in the presence of the Minister of Economy and Business of the Bagmati Province, Mr. Salikram Jamakattel.

What we did here so far?

Since our envolvement in this school at early 2003, we have been able to carry out many actitivies to support the school, students, teachers and even community.

  • Establishment of school library in early 2004.
  • Building with 3 rooms in 2005.
  • Toilet for student and teacher in 2006
  • Another building with 4 roooms in 2007
  • Scholastic materials and support to student.
  • Earthquake resistance building after massive earthquake of 2015.

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