Cooperative Youth Organization Nepal (COYON) Benighat Rorang-5, Dhading

Shree Basanta Basic School

Benighat 5, Dhading

27.800485, 84.766169 Since 2007 Benighat 5, Dhading

Shree Basanta Primary School is located in Benighat, Dhading District. It was built by the local community of the surrounding villages about 20 years ago and originally had only one teacher. Despite the need for additional teachers, the school has not been able to afford to hire more staff due to the extreme poverty of the area. The population has been unable to provide the necessary financial support.

Before our involvement in 2006, the school only had three small, dilapidated classrooms with outdated furnitures. These rooms were not enough to accommodate the 30 students, who often had to hold their lessons outside under a tree. The school's location on top of a hill also presented a danger to the students, as there was no space for outdoor activities and the school was located near a cliff. The lack of proper facilities put the children at risk.

COYON was moved by the dignified nature of the impoverished community and the beautiful children we met at the school. In response, we have decided to assist the community by constructing a new concrete building with five classrooms and providing all necessary infrastructure, including teaching desks, tables, chairs, and blackboards. The school grounds were also improved to include a playground for the children. Additionally, the school was equipped with toilets and a small enclosure wall to secure the school building from the nearby cliff. These improvements were made to ensure that the children had a safe and suitable environment for learning.

The children at Shree Basanta Primary School now have a safer and more comfortable environment for their education, thanks to the efforts of COYON and Hanuman Onlus. The school has been renovated to include a secure, spacious building with a playground. After the earthquake in 2015, the school building was reinforced to make it more resistant to future earthquakes. All these task were conducted by the help of Hanuman Onlus.

What we did here so far?

Since our envolvement in this school at early 2006:

  • Demolish of old building and new construction in 2007
  • Toilet for student and teacher in 2008
  • Compounding wall and entrance gate in 2009
  • Regular support for scholastic materials and children day meal till now
  • Renovation of bulding after earthquake in 2017.

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