Youth organization in Nepal, dedicated to social change.
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Chidren of Nepal, who are in need of education.  
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COYON - Volunteering - Youth & Child related

Volunteers work to address some of the pressures brought about by rapid population growth in Nepal's urban areas. photo of smiling woman holding young boy. They work in municipal offices as community development facilitators to help neighborhoods and youth groups develop long-range plans, organize educational activities, and identify and solve development problems. In 1997, Volunteers trained over 900 urban residents in literacy, proposal writing, family planning, and sanitation. They built 25 latrines and conducted four training sessions on mother and child health care issues.

As evidence of the success of the Youth Development program, a Volunteer assigned to a large town in the western region of Nepal has received strong support and recognition from the mayor and other municipal staff. Together they have implemented many projects which benefit the local population, especially low-income women and children. She and her colleagues have delivered services such as literacy classes, health awareness activities, and town clean-up campaigns.