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COYON - Volunteering - Vocational Trainings

The majority of people in Nepal are based on seasonal agriculture which gives them only about a ninety days works in a year. After the agriculture season most people will have no job. Working just for 3 months is not sufficient to fulfill entire leaving expenses of their family round the year and at another side, due to limited industries and trade houses, most of the youth have difficulties to find a job after completion of their School/College. Lack of job is a cause of poverty which puts people in the frustration and that may create lots of social/economical problems. Keeping this in mind, we have been thinking about self employment program which ultimately lead towards the establishment of the profitable enterprises that not only increase the income of the individuals but also created the additional employment opportunities for the rest of the community members.

Volunteers with specials vocational skills can provide training to the youth, adults as well as elders in the community. Some of the major fields of vocational training are:

Cane & Bamboo works
Cane and Bamboos are available almost every region of Nepal. It does not require any special farming land; even waste land can be used to grow Cane and Bamboo. The skill of making fancy articles from Bamboo and Cane is defiantly a prospective way of self employment and income generation for community people.

Now, the community forest (preserved by the community) is the easiest source for the timber and woods in Nepal which is also center of farming system and base of agriculture. Most of the community in Nepal is aware about preservation of forest and its correct utilization. Carpentry training will provide an integration opportunity for the young people to use locally available resource for self employment or to work in furniture factory.

Computer Training, (Software or Hardware)
Increasing craze and development on computer and IT sector of Nepal is attracting specially youngsters. Attractive income and boundless opportunity is the main reason that youngster are running after IT. Some of the school already started computer knowledge in their school course book and there are many IT colleges available in Nepal. Computer education is still out of imagination for the youth and children living and studying in the villages. Prospective volunteers having computer knowledge can help youth and children for their computer training both on software of hardware.

Cooking / Food preparation
As cooking or food preparations have wide range of opportunity for the youngster to start their own fast food, bakery café, hotel or restaurant. Increasing number of restaurant, food store and star hotels extend these opportunities furthermore. Preparation of dry food, pickles and so on, is another possibility for the village women to use their free time for income generation.

Cutting & Sewing (Garments)
This prgramme is special designed for village women and girls. Form the cloth cutting and sewing training the women pointed to two benefits. First of all, they will be able to economize on household expenses since cloth for their own or their husband's and children's clothes had to be taken to a tailor who had to be paid for his services. Second, the women can earn some income by making clothes for sale.

Training on the following subjects is also more important to make people sustainable.

Cycle, Motorcycle or auto repairing
Drawing & Paintings
Home Decoration
Live stock Breeding or Farming
Maintenance of Electric and Electronic goods
Making Surf, Candle, Dolls, Carpet, Paper etc.
Printing Press / Screen Printing
Weaving or Knitting
Wood Carving and more.