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COYON - Volunteering - Procedure

COYON strictly believe in equal opportunity to its recruitment processes and will not withhold a volunteer job on the basis of race, age, creeds or religion, colors and genders. Our recruitment policy is driven by our own purpose which is to fulfill the needs of our organization and the expectations of our volunteers.

All the prospective volunteers are requested to fill up an application form along with their 2 passport size photograph and personal biography. The application form is available online. One can even download the application form print it, fill it and post it to the given address. Once the application is received, our volunteer coordinator will review it and make decision for the selection, according to the experience of the applicant and our requirements.

You (the prospective volunteer) will be informed; when you are selected or if not selected we will give you a specific reason. We will provide you further instruction and information about your placement, responsibility and date to attend as soon as you are selected. Once you are in Kathmandu, you will be interviewed by our Volunteer Coordinator or the Human Resource Coordinator prior to placement. The area of work and level of involvement will be finalized and arranged on an individual basis at time of interview.

Prospective volunteers are matched for their suitability to existing position descriptions. The selection criteria for each position depends upon the particular skills needed to fulfill the duties of that position. Commitment to the goals, values, policies and procedures of COYON will be looked upon favorably as will be the ability to work as part of a team and the acceptance of the relevant roles and responsibilities.

All information obtained from the information and consent form will be marked as "Confidential" and will be treated as such.

We request to all the Prospective volunteers willing to join our CVP to be mentally prepared and self motivated. As we have already introduced COYON as organization dedicated to work in rural area, interested people to join this program must be able to live within a limited resource. You will be staying as paying guest and have to be able to adjust with local environment (food, social customs, and space etc. -

For future details please refer to the terms & conditions page.