Youth organization in Nepal, dedicated to social change.
Education for all
better education for motivation
Chidren of Nepal, who are in need of education.  
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COYON - Volunteering - Online volunteering

Potential volunteers, who canít physically present in Nepal, are also able to do volunteering at COYON. We are glad to offer the online volunteering opportunity to the following fields.

Website designing/development
Volunteers having knowledge of web designing and development can help us to build our website, where easy navigation and more facilities for the visitor will be available. If you are a web programmer then you can help us to developing some server side included programmer (CMS, Shopping cart, Photo Gallery, Bulletin Board and Newsletter etc.) in order to manage the website of COYON.

Brochure and promotional kits design/development
A volunteer with graphic designing skill or familiar with multimedia presentation can help us to design and develop promotional kits like brochure, pamphlets, visiting cards, booklets, multimedia presentation being based on the materials provided.

Web promotion
If you are familiar with SEO kits and website promotion then you can help us to place our website on the various search engines and directories. If you have your own website then you can even place link of our website on it.

Project writing
You donít need to be a novel writer but if you still love writing, you can help us to write some of our projects and programmes. We will provide you general idea, supporting documents, photograph and fact sheet. Based on the provided materials and using your idea on the project, you can write a programme, project report or article.

Project work architecture
As per our project you can design some architect and implement your own vision and idea about the project. If you are a civil engineer or architecture, you can help us to design some of our construction map and other relevant kits.

Based on our aim, objectives and future plan and being a COYONís representative, you can correspond with various organizations in order to establish a tie network between COYON and the other organizations.

Online fund raising activities
There are various ways to raise fund on internet. No matter whether you find some merchandise selling site eg, or sell your own stuff on, you can generate fund and spare some part of it to COYON. You can discover various ways to generate fund on internet for the charitable organization like COYON.