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COYON - Volunteering - Health

We are trying to put our effort and time to build and support small health post in the village of rural areas where, tantrism (witchdoctor) and locally available herbs are only the way of treatment. The peoples in these villages are lacking modern approach of health. You may not believe that, most of the people living in the rural villages of Nepal die with out seeing a doctor even once in their life. On the other hand, people from these areas are often reluctant to go to the hospital and other modern health services (only available in the cities) because of traditional thinking, superstition, huge expenses and other cultural influences.

We welcome medical professionals such as Doctors, Nurses and health workers as volunteer to live and experience the health condition of rural Nepal and improve it. We offer this wonderful opportunity to practice and serve the people with medical skills. We hope maximum woman, children and men will benefit by your sincere selfless help.

Volunteer Medical Personal
There are only a few hospital and health post available in the villages. Even in this limited health institution, sometime the physician is not available and sometime medicine. The volunteers will be assigned to these health posts and other health institutions, either operated by the local community or government. The volunteers can work with the doctors, nurses or other health assistants daily 3 to 5 hours, for 6 days a week.

Community Health Volunteer
We would like volunteers to involve in work with local youth clubs, community, women's groups and other organization to teach & aware people about proper health and sanitation. The volunteer will give information about wastage management, cleaning of house and surroundings, community mobilization in the health sector and other topics to the villagers, children and youths. Major focus of the volunteer will be to educate and mobilize youth, children and women groups who can then pass the information onto the community at large.

In addition, we would appreciate if volunteer can arrange some First-Aid kits and provide information about it to the local people in rural villages. Volunteer are requested to provide a practical and sustainable life-skill of using First-Aid kits, primary health and ‘if doctor is not available’ information. We prefer medical students for this program; however, we do accept other applicants, having some experience in this area.

Volunteer for Health Camp
As mentioned above, people living in the villages are reluctant to go for treatment in the cities due to several reasons thus frequent health camp will provide them the opportunity to have a medical treatment. COYON will organize health camp in these areas as frequent as our limited resources permits and volunteers will work with their Nepali counterparts, who assist both Nepali and foreign volunteers. Volunteer responsibilities will be defined as per their medical skill, as a reputed volunteer doctor can do even a surgery and volunteer medical personal ca distribute medicine and consult with citizens about health care, thereby raising the awareness of health and sanitation.

Furthermore, a group of volunteer with medical background can even help us to organize a health camp.