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COYON - Volunteering at COYON

Happy Children with many colorsAfter long research, feedback and advices from binding under main objectives and vision of the organization, COYON has developed a volunteering program known as COYON Volunteer Programme (CVP) for national and international intellect volunteers who are self motivated and eager to devote their time to social work in Nepal.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute your time, knowledge and service to the global community and gain experience which will help for your personal growth. We would like to welcome volunteers from any country of 18 to 50 years of ages to come and help us in teaching at the school or working with us in the different social acts. While at the school or working in a village you will enjoy the beautiful scenic as well as you will learn the culture, language and get to know Nepalese food, lifestyle and culture with your eyes and involve in so many village life activities.

Whether you would like to take a short volunteer vacation or a prolonged gap year, we provide challenging and affordable international programs.

Please refer to our terms and condition for information about accommodation, food and other details.

What is Volunteering?
Principle definations of volunteering:
  • Volunteering benefits the community and the volunteer.
  • Volunteering is always a matter of choice.
  • Volunteering is an activity that is unpaid and not undertaken for the receipt of salary, pension, government allowance or honorarium.
  • Volunteering is a legitimate way in which citizens can participate in the activities of their community.
  • Volunteering is a vehicle for individuals or groups to address human, environmental and social needs.
  • Volunteering is an activity performed in the not for profit sector only.
  • Volunteers do not replace paid workers nor constitute a threat to the job security of paid workers.
  • Volunteering respects the rights, dignity and culture of others.
  • Volunteering promotes human rights and equality.

  • Objectives of our volunteering programme.
  • Provide equal opportunity to the enthusiast’s youth to take part in social work.
  • Help youth to enhance their knowledge and skills in practical way.
  • Exchange of culture, tradition, increasing love and brotherhood and make them aware the whole world as one.
  • Chances of broadening their thought and feeling of more responsibility in their future profession.
  • Creates opportunity to Learn Nepali language for the foreign volunteer youths.

  • As per the needs according to the areas, COYON has found the following programs which are applicable and helpful to the various sectors in the remote as well as urban areas.

    If you have some other skill and knowledge then the categories list above and you would like to contribute your time and skill in Nepal as a volunteer then please do not do not hesitate to write us. We can offer or design a programme according to your skill and  knowledge. We hope that you will have wonderful experience sharing and living with the most gentle, lovable and friendly people in the world.

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