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Chidren of Nepal, who are in need of education.  
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COYON & Hanuman Onlus

Francesca Meneghello & Dinesh Kandel (Ravi)COYON is proud to be associated with an Italian social organization 'Hanuman BV Onlus' (Hanuman b.v. is a private, non-profit organization established in Milan, July 2001). The cooperation between Hanuman Onlus and COYON was established at very beginning of the year 2004. We hope tie up between these two organizations will benefit local community and children of our country whilst making us able to carry out various programs and social service activities dedicated to children and unprivileged society.

As a part of our theme "Youth for social change" and "Hanuman for underprivileged" we have started a mission called Happy Child Nepal since 2004 and we are devoted and continuously working to make it very successful. The mission "Happy Child Nepal" is not only to deliver and distribute scholastic materials to various schools in Nepal but also help children making them able to go to school. The goal of the mission is to deliver the light of education to children within a very comfortable and happy environment. This is why Hanuman & COYON has already built three modern school buildings in the Benighat VDC of Dhading district in Nepal.

We (Hanuman Onlus & COYON) are planning to perform various social service, Child and Youth related activities in the different part of the country in 2006, 2007 and future. Further details are available on our Future Plans section and Hanuman Onlus website ( .

The contribution of the Hanuman Onlus member is highly appreciated which helps a lot to make all activities successful.

Founding Members of Hanuman Onlus
President Meneghello Francesca
Member Bissi Vitaliano
,, Sabaini Leonardo
,, Bonamini Elena -
,, Pujatti Irene
Honorary Councilor Ziviani Franco Silvio Ugo Mario  

We express our heartily thanks to the  volunteers and supporting members from Hanuman Onlus.