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COYON - Activities - Youth mobilization

In today’s world when the youths especially from the third country like Nepal, are deprived of opportunities to voice or implement their ideas in a proper way. In the context of Nepal the vision, ideas and encouragement that youth has are badly suppressed by elders. Even in these consequences, we are trying to emerge like a lotus in a mud puddle, trying to expose the ability of youths that they really have. They have been able to represent as well as implement the youth's ideas and aspirations. We are not only trying to mobilize youth to bring the necessary changes in community, but also putting our effort to empower the women and deprived groups in society.

The socio-political scene has generally been monopolized by the elder generations, leaving no opportunely for the youth to voice or demand what they think is needed or right. Like sheep following a stray leaders everyone, especially youths are dragged into the quicksand of selfishness as most of the older generations try to cling on their positions as if it were dearer than life itself. In this case, we are not blaming the elders, but this is the bitter truth and we are evidence of such selfness attitude exposed by them.

Dynamic and courageous as the youth are unfortunately frustrated with limited opportunities. Even within the limited opportunities for youths that providing by the state are seized by the political leaders recruiting their own relatives or supporters. Most of the youths, whose power and ideas will lead the nation on the highest level of development (if that can be implemented in a proper way), are flying aboard even for a cheap level work with minimum wages. Facing the lack of opportunities and indifference shunned down from the predominating elders, the frustrated youths either have to keep themselves idle or take up wrong ways to vent their distaste and frustration. Drugs and violence are two major examples. Such exclusiveness of youth will kill the productive state of mind that they have, making him/her a social lame creating a leadership vacuum in society. This further inhibits social transformation, as the social thought remains static under the influence of the pre-dominating older generation while world is ever changing. When we (Youths) talk of the older generation it is not only a matter of age but of old ways of thinking.

When the ideas and vision of the youth are suppressed by elders that divert them on the way to frustration, this will bring generation confliction. In this case the country should have to bear the huge amount of destruction on every sector remaining itself undeveloped for decade and decades. So is the case of the youth who are defined by their courage, compassion, spirit, approach and perception.

If channeled properly, these virtues of youth can then be directed to broader objectives like service to humanity and mother earth. The correct channeling will definitely lead society and country on the way of development benefiting the community. However, if proper channeling is not created, the valuable traits of youth such as tenderness of heart, profound courage, readiness to sacrifice, etc. will go to waste in frustration and distraction that find their outlet in the wrong ways of violence, bad habits and destructive pursuit.

Keeping these entire factors in mind, we are conducting youth motivation and awareness programme establishing a tie network between the other youth organization form various part of the country.