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COYON - Activities - Village Information Centre

Village Information CenterRight to information and communication is basic right of every individual. Due to lack of resources, people living in villages of Nepal have to keep themselves away from right information on the right time. The utilization of modern science and technology is still beyond their imagination. A child born in the village and educated in a traditional way can never be competent with a child born and brought up in urban areas those are facilitated with good education system in the cities. As a result person grown up in such least facilitated schools and environment could not keep themselves up to date and they will loose many opportunities and forced to live behind the ages. As we know, a developed nation with well educated and well informed society only can stand in the first row of the development. To uplift the lifestyle of unprivileged people from the village community and bring them in the main stream of development, the country, as well as, national and international community of educated people should respect their right of information and awareness and provide necessary support. COYON has been always dreaming about the establishment of village information center in the Benighat where no library is available all over the VDC and even in neighboring VDCs. We thought a library in this area will play a vital role to bring big changes in the society as a whole.

Like many villages of Nepal, there was not even a single library in Benighat and neighboring VDC of Dhading and Gorkha district beside a small library in the lower secondary school of Benighat which has been established by COYON with help of Ludwig and Luci Debuck and a primary school in Germany. However there are 1 higher secondary school, 1 lower secondary school and 6 primary schools only in ward no 6, 7 and 8 of Benighat VDC and so likely there are many government and private school in this areas. Neither government nor private sector seems to be working to build a library in this area.

Education Minister Pradip NepalSchool children were forced to study and rely only in their text book and follow a traditional and boring way of teaching that their teacher taught them. No extra knowledge and approach of teaching has been practiced since decades. As an output most of the students fail their exam and those who luckily pass canít stand alone in the row of competition with their competitor from other private and well established school when they go to the college. They will not be able to obtain a good mark and due to the lack of extra knowledge, they will loose possible opportunities and they will remain unemployed living under frustration.

We have been able to establish a library with reading table, well equiped learning kits, 4 computers with internet, television, a meeting hall to accommodate 60 persons at once and we are planning to offer various other information resources in the library so learning and obtaining knowledge can be done even with fun. There will be modern approach of learning with at least couple of electronic media.

Information resource available:

Different type of books in both, Nepali and English, languages are available in the library. There are book for children, school student, college student as well as teachers. Book of literature like novel, poem, stories and extra knowledge e.g., Quiz, Puzzle, History, Philosophy, Religion etc. also are available in the library. In short the library have books for almost everyone.

CD / VCD / DVD (movie show)
Music CDs of various languages, VCD/DVD of art movies, famous national and international famous movies are available in the library and it is being shown to the public twice a month.

Newspapers / Magazines
Daily national newspaper and magazines both English and Nepali are available.

There is a television in the library which will use for quarterly movie show and other awareness programme as well as audio visual based learning.

Cassette/CD player
Cassettes and CDs of music and information will be available in the library, so we will have a Cassette/CD player for audio based learning.

Computer with Internet
Today is known as an age of computer. Many things have become possible due to the immense development in information and technology. A person without computer knowledge may loose various opportunity thus we have four computers with internet connection in the village library.

The Village information Centre (Village Library) was constructed with complete monetarily support of Nepal-Hilfe Aachen e.V., Germany and inaugurated by Hon. Minister of Education and Sport Ė Pradip Nepal on 10th August 2007.