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COYON - Activities - Scholastic materials

Scholastic Materials DistributionDue to the lack of essential educational materials such as desk, bench, table, black board, geographical maps, books, dictionary and so on, the learning activities in the public school of Nepal canít move forward in a progressive manner. The school do not have sufficient fund to manage the learning kits.

School children are forced to study and rely only in their text book and follow a traditional and boring way of teaching that their teacher taught them being based only on their course book. No extra knowledge and approach of teaching has been practiced since decades. As an output most of the students fail their exam and those who luckily pass canít stand alone in the row of competition with their competitor from other private and well established school when they go to the college. They will not be able to obtain a good mark and due to the lack of extra knowledge, they will loose possible opportunities and they will remain unemployed living under frustration.

As part of Happy Child Programme, we distribute scholastic materials not only to the children but also we supplied good educational materials to the schools that are in need of.

We have contributed scholastic materials such as desk, bench, maps, cupboards etc. to the following schools.

  • Shree Beni Siksha Sadan - Benighat
  • Shree Worbang Primary School - Worbang
  • Shree Chandrodaya Primary School - Bishaltar
  • Shree Chandrodaya Lower Secondary School - Benighat
  • Shree Chandrodaya Higher Secondary School - Bishaltar
  • Shree Basanta Primary School - Swyal-Bhanjyang
  • Shree Janagaun Primary School - Janagaun
  • Shree Bhairavi Primary School - Gomati Kharka