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COYON - Activities - School Building - Janagaun Primary

Janagaun Primary SchoolJanagaun is a remote high mountain village at ward no 6 of Benighat VDC of Dhading district within the two hour walk away distance from Prithivi Highway. Main income resource of the people living in this village is agriculture and animal keeping. Some about 150 families from the village are completely depended on agricultural product which they produce and sell at local market in Benighat.

Limited income opportunities and traditional thinking of the local people leads them to suffer economically and raises obstacles for changes. The village remains in the same condition for decades except some zinc plated roofs. The village has been able to establish a school about 20 years ago. The school in this village was 2 storied building built about 15 years ago. Like other government schools in Nepal this school was in bad physical shape. The old building was a physical danger to undertake learning activities. The locals cannot support for new school building. Supplementary materials like desks, benches, blackboards, books, and notebooks are rare and too expensive.

In association with Hanuman Onlus Italy, Cooperative Youth Organization Nepal (COYON) has been able to finalize the construction of a school building with seven classrooms at Benighat VDC ward no 6, Janagaun. The new building of Janagaun primary school has been inaugurated by Francesca Maneghello, president of Hanuman Onlus on 23rd October 2006. The inauguration ceremony was attended by many local people from Janagaun village including people from so called low casts and tribes who expressed their feelings that the school building is a great step towards the betterment of their educational opportunities.