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COYON - Activities - Community Intraction

Community InteractionThe world is seriously facing digital divide among the people who are living in highly developed world with sophisticated hi-fi lifestyle, comfortable houses equipped with TV, AC, expensive decorative materials on the other hands millions of people are living under poverty lines without minimum requirement like proper food and shelter. Forget about the health care system. To improve their life style we strongly felt that community interaction is topmost priority. Community people should be taught how to generate income using their local resources, how to improve their lifestyle, modify the traditional view which they have and think in a rational way for better living.

Besides this there should be interaction programme regularly where people from the village will gather and talk on the issues openly which they are facing on and discuss the matters. So we are organizing such interaction programs frequently in the different villages of Dhading district with a hope that it will help them to put their views, experiences and even problems which they can try to solve together.