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COYON - Activities - School Building - Bhiravi Primary

Bhiravi Primari SchoolBhiravi primary school is located in Benighat VDC ward no 7, on the top of the hill at “Gaumati Kharka”. The school having two teachers and some about 200 students had a small but vulnerable shade with open walls. The thatch of the so called building was almost transparent to sky and it can’t tolerate sun ray or water drops. When it starts raining the roof can’t push out not even a single drop of water and everyday when could on sky start showing its power students are forced to stop their learning activities. Few desk and table under the roof was surely not enough for 200 children and they have to stay on the dust floor to study. The condition of the school was really miserable. Black board and other general learning kits are out of imagination.

Dweller of 175 families where the school is situated are Magar Community and really poor. High and dry land on which they depended can’t produce enough food for their family itself and there are no possibility of any employment opportunity however these family are generating income through out animal keeping, cottage industry e.g. bamboo work, wooden work etc. Some of them still believe that school education to their children is useless since they also have to follow same tradition of agriculture work on their slopping high and dry land when they grow up and they don’t want their children to go to school, instead they like their children working at house or farm.

Bhiravi Primari School, New BuildingEven in this circumstance the primary school in this area is highly dedicated to attract students to the school. The teacher organize ‘door to door’ programme to raise the awareness about school education among the community people, as a result there are 200 students in the school today.

Knowing all the effort the teachers as well as the community has been doing in favor of the education to these little kids, Hanuman Onlus & COYON has decided to support to build a building for this school. Now, the 5 room school building is under construction. We hope the children will have good learning activities soon after the building construction complete.

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