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COYON - Activities - School Building - Basanta Primary

Basanta Primary SchoolBasanta Primary School is located in Benighat VDC ward no 6, on the top of the hill at Swayalbhanjang. The school had 3 little class rooms with very nominal facilities of desk, bench, blackboard and office room. Only two rooms were used for learning activities whereas the school is up to 3 classes with 125 students that were not enough and students are forced to take a shelter of big tree nearby for their learning activities. Since the school is on top of the hill, it has not enough playgrounds and there is high cliff both side of the school which put children into risk. The local community of mountain dwellers from backward society has established this school few years back. The district education officer has assigned a single teacher to this school and another teacher has been recruited by the community itself. People from this mountain canít support the school for itís building since they have very low income throughout their high hilly dry lands as other mountain dwellers in Nepal thus the community were helpless for the new building which they were really in need.

As being a eyewitness of the current situation of this school, Hanuman Onlus has decided to support them with modern cemented building and other infrastructure such as Desk, Bench, Blackboard, Cupboard, Table, Chair etc. We have also extended extra land for the school so children can use them as a play ground. The both side of the school, where there is cliff is protected with walls. Now the children can enjoy the joy of school life in a modern and secure building with wide playground.

This school construction project was started from December 2006 and completed on March 2007. The building was inaugurated by Francesca Maneghello, President of Hanuman Onlus Italy, on 14 April 2007. We hope the new building along with good enough infrastructure will help the students to bring the significant changes on their learning activities.