Youth organization in Nepal, dedicated to social change.
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Chidren of Nepal, who are in need of education.  
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COYON - Youth for Social Change!

COYON first annerversaryEven in this science and technology era, rural people have to keep themselves away from the normal formation of science & technology in comparison with the people living in the urban area of the developing countries. Modern technologies are still beyond the imagination of rural people. Youths from these part of the world have to live without minimal necessity of living such as shelter, education, health, pure drinking water, electricity etc. Most of the children and youths are victimized by starvation in the developing countries like Nepal. A country with well educated people only could have a better constant on its sustainable development. There is no doubt that today’s youths will write the future of a Nation. Education & awareness are much important not only in the cities but also in the villages. As saying demands “don’t give them fish, taught them how to catch a fish” if a person gets better education that will help him/her to generate the necessity of living, his/her lifestyle will increase dramatically. S/he will start to think in a rational way for living whilst feeling him/her as an important part of this world.

Keeping in this mind, COYON’s founder members use to think, discuss and have vision of doing and contributing something for those unprivileged people. As a result young people who have similar thought of helping and serving people started a small campaign and keep putting their little effort for helping peoples in these areas. With all the positive thought , vision and suggestion from elders, we form "COYON" and it is on the stage of embryo.

Recognizing the need for a more pragmatic approach to education that help meet our local demands at the bottom level whilst opening up opportunities and possibilities that can be used in enhancing nation’s extremely diverse cultural particularities, in a thoroughly sustained and forward looking manner, Co-operative Youth Organization Nepal (COYON) was established in Benighat VDC of Dhading district, Nepal in the year of 2002. We are a team of well aspirant youths working to introduce such community – based educational and awareness programmes which we consider to be not only essential but very vital for moving towards achieving a confident and self reliant society. Since its establishment and despite the minimum available resources, we think we have done well at least in communicating with the local youths that only an educational modality having a strongly vocational academic and extra curriculum activities can help us meet our national objectives.

In the last 5 years since our establishment some 1165 students from 5 primary, 1 lower secondary and 1 higher seconday school, of Benighat VDC of Dhadhing district are regularly being benefited from those small activities that we introduced like teaching them how to brush their teeth properly, how to cut their nails, how important it is to keep our locality clean by means of community participation, how to manage the garbage, how to plant trees, how to help each other sincerely in the time of one’s need. We have been regularly distributing some scholastic materials such as pen, paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, color pencils, pencil cutters, rubber bans, maps, poster, books etc. and clothing for children such as clothes for winter, clothes for summer, shoes, hats etc. since the very beganing of 2004.  The results from our small activities  encouraged us to strengthen this particular form of alternative educational modality which not only enhances individual’s overall potentialities but also opens up opportunities whereby he or she can work to contribute to remedy much of the prevalent ills of the society.

In spite of the abundant and varied possibilities, our failures in the right utilization of locally available natural resource seem to have resulted in nation’s underdevelopment and poverty. Keeping this in view, "COYON" has been formed with the effort of local enthusiasts, educated and self-motivated youngsters in the hope that we might as well be able to offer our own development perspectives if we work hard and remain honest.

Since we believe, little things that we do, can changes a lot, we always welcome suggestion, assistance and any kind of supports from any individual and human kind donors, organizations through out the globe. Your useful suggestion, assistance or little support may give food, education, health and smile to one person in this earth.