Youth organization in Nepal, dedicated to social change.
Education for all
better education for motivation
Chidren of Nepal, who are in need of education.  
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If you are planning for a year, plant some rice. If you are planning for ten years, plant a tree. If you are planning for 100 years, open a school.
- Anonymous

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Welcome to COYON

Volunteering in Nepal
Volunteering is a great way to contribute your effort, tine, knowledge and service to the global community. At the same time you can gain ever lasting experience which will help for your personal growth as well. Anyone interested are invited to join us and share their valuable knowledge and experience with us and our community as a volunteer. Volunteering at COYON is FREE of cost.
Support our programmes
Only little effort from our site is not enough to bring necessary changes in the current Nepalese society. There are lots of hurdles which we have to face everyday in our activities those are from lack of proper knowledge to financial scarcity. We are trying and doing our best but your support is more than necessary.
Get involved with us
Your support and involvement in any way will be highly appreciated. If you feel that you can do something for the betterment of Nepalese society then you are most welcome to join your hand with us. Our doors are always open for any individual or organization where we welcome you with pleasure. You can get involved for social activities with us in various ways.

Latest Activities at COYON
New school building construction is under going.

Construction of new school building at Harkapur village of Benighat VDC, Dhading district is currently undergoing. The project is estimated to be completed within December of this year, 2011. After the completion of construction work, the Harkapur Primary School will have 2 storied building with 10 classrooms. Simultaneously, the construction of Happy Home for Children is in the mid phase. This project is also estimated to be completed by the end of this year.

Beside this, we are supporting other 3 schools (Janagaun Primary, Bhairavi Primary and Irang Richok Primary) with toilet, fence wire protection and other essiential needs.

Village Information Center
Village Information CentreRight to information and communication is basic right of every individual. We have been able to establish a Village Information Center (Village Library) in Benighat where no library was available. We think a library in this area will play a vital role to bring required changes in the society.

I wish, if I were in school!
Ignorance of and failure to utilize local resources is direct responsible for slow rate of development in the developing countries, which is also the main cause of increasing poverty in the countries like Nepal. Education and awareness is the main factor that helps to recognize pragmatic approach of the society and to increase the development rate.